1834—I sogni precari di una generazione

Carried out during the Covid-19 pandemic, 1834—I sogni precari
di una generazione is a photographic project narrating the “return to life”
of the 18-34 years old generation at the end of the first Italian lockdown.
An intimate yet collective portrait of the precarious dreamers’ generation.
Photos by Bartolomeo Rossi

i minuti - issue n.2
160x230 mm
36 pages
100 hand numbered pcs


Essere Catastrofe

Essere Catastrofe is a collection of textual and photographic
projects selected through an open call, held from February to May 2020.
The issue, curated by 045 Publishing, aims to propose the concept of
catastrophe as an ordinary and pervasive phenomenon. Works by Giorgio
Andreoni, Giulia Bernacchi, Ilaria Bussoni, Marta Clinco, Marco Favaro,
Serena Grizi, Massimiliano Maestrello, Stefano Miliffi and Luca Quagliato.

180x250 mm
Favini Shiro Echo Raw Sand
Favini Tree Free Natural
Offspine binding
144 pages
100 pcs



UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL is a project, in collaboration with
Rocket Radio, was launched on 20 March 2020. We designed and sold
a special t-shirt for fund-raising purposes. All proceeds from this project,
just over € 3000, were destined for intensive care at the University Hospital in Verona.

100% cotton t-shirts
screen printing
300 pcs

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Quando Dio, Patria e Famiglia scelsero la città dell'amore

A visual collection from the Verona transfeminist demonstration of
the 30th March 2019. In response to the World Congress of Families,
around 100.000 people gathered together to make the city a multicolour
and joyful spot. On the first anniversary, we decided to assemble the most
powerful and iconic imagines from this unforgettable and desirable moment.

i minuti - issue n.1
160x230 mm
28 pages
100 hand numbered pcs


Le mani sulla città

"La mani sulla città" is the outcome of the workshop in urban narrations
held by Sarah Gainsforth, Marco P. Valli and Multiplo, organized by 045.
Overtourism, building speculation, housing discomfort and other urban
issues have been critically addressed in the volume by 30 contributors.

240x300 mm
88 pages
250 hand numbered pcs


Contrasto issue n.1

The issue is the result of an open-call on the concept of "contrast",
interpreted and developed by 10 different authors: photographers,
writers and illustrators.

640x880 mm
500 pcs